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High Security Steel Palisade Fencing manufactured by ROBOTIC STEELWORKS in Pretoria, Rosslyn



STEELWORKS with its comprehensive experience in Mechanical

Engineering & Automation offers tailor made solutions

for robotics production lines: most notably the manufacture

of high precision fixtures as jigs, tooling, grippers, docking

stations. Clients are the Metal & Automotive Industries

in South Africa. Please visit as well our page: MECHANICAL



of its high crime rate, South Africa has in recent years

developed one of the most advanced security industries in

the world. An integral aspect of security for both business

and private use is high-class and innovative fencing solutions.


this environment ROBOTIC STEELWORKS has developed its

own production line, manufacturing a number of cutting

edge products with robotics. Besides ordinary welded Palisade

Fencing we manufacture Spiked Steel Palisade Fences (RAZOR

& EXRA-RAZOR Palisade), H.R. Bolted Palisade Fences

and Galvanised inflexible Wall tops (SHARK-TEETH Spikes).

All Palisades can be obtained

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For Electric fencing in Pretoria, Tandem Safety is the foremost supplier and installer, providing you varied Electrical fence options. One of many first things that strikes people on coming to Johannesburg is how, not simply homes, however retailers, museums, cafes and different places that thrive on social interplay are sometimes sealed off from view behind excessive walls. While most blame the nation's excessive levels of violent crime - a number of the highest on the planet - researchers say South Africans began barricading their properties long earlier than crime spiralled uncontrolled within the early nineties. Palisade fencing is powerful and long lasting requiring very little to no maintenance.

We have lately exported a 1000Meter x 2.4M high concrete fence to Tanzania, it was erected by way of coaching some local unemployed employees. Triple ‘A' Concrete prestretched metal strengthened precast concrete partitions and palisade fences are manufactured to the very best quality standards as specified in SANS 1372-1983, utilizing the very best quality uncooked supplies from respected suppliers, at our processing plant in Pretoria North.

To summarise, this immersive exhibition embodies the end result of Opper's inventive analysis into the material use of metal palisade fencing in Johannesburg. Based mostly in Johannesburg South Africa, Alcatraz's range of safety solutions embody security products, perimeter defence and monitoring and reducing-edge electric fencing. Therefore, new palisade fencing, gates and a turnstile had been put in across the park to maintain the horses out!

His neighbours on either side of him have erected partitions, however the beefy McClarty has opted as an alternative for a excessive palisade fence, within the belief that being attuned to his environment make him safer. Palisade fencing together with plenty of razor blade wire is better than a can see who's lurking on the outside and if it involves it - the palisade fencing is not going to cease your bullets and never provide cover for the criminals - as a wall would. Whereas palisade fencing provides visibility, it means squat when it's pitch black exterior and someone is utilizing a metal bar to bend the angle iron.

4 weeks ago

South Africa violence, university protests put country's racial fault line on display

JOHANNESBURG -- South African universities on fire, militant protests, white students beating up black students on a sports field, security guards in riot gear firing teargas canisters and rubber bullets at protesters.

Watching these images, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled onto a retrospective film of apartheid-era South Africa in the 1980s.

4 weeks ago

High security in Jo'burg -

Editor's note: We asked readers to weigh in on Live producer Jarrett Bellini's vacation destination, and you chose South Africa. Check back for updates on his trip.

High walls and electric fencing are common in Johannesburg, South Africa.

High walls and electric fencing are common in Johannesburg, South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (CNN) -- The flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Johannesburg was as easy a 15-hour flight as I've ever had.

Approaching Jo'burg by air reminded me a bit of arriving back home in

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Concrete Palisade Fencing Johannesburg

In all the shock, anger and unhappiness regarding crime in South Africa and most lately surrounding the Goldin and Bloom murders, it is heartening to hear extra concerning the improbable policework that has already introduced eight accused to courtroom. Fill your particulars in and we'll go them on to one in all our authorised and advisable palisade fence specialists in your area. In spite of everything, now we have to uphold our repute as the most effective place to buy palisade fencing online. We make 'mystery shopper' purchases to be sure that the palisade fence supplier is giving our prospects the best possible deal. This coupled to our complete and growing inventory range, plus in depth inventory holding, makes us the provider of choice to a large spectrum of industries, contractors and the DIY market. Stand 1: 5,0m building line from northern boundary, 0.0m setback on west boundary and 2.0m from east and southern boundaries.

On Monday, 11-year-previous Thando van Rooyen and his cousin are believed to have climbed the palisade fence of a home opposite the college, whereas waiting to be picked up. If there's a dispute between neighbours at any stage (and they might be fully completely different events to those who owned the 2 properties when the wall was constructed), it might be essential to get a land surveyor to resurvey the property based on the official diagram that is lodged with the Surveyor General in Pretoria.

On the police station, police spokesperson Inspector Dwayne Lightfoot advised Pretoria Information Solomons insisted that an assault on a police officer did take place. Na aanleiding van die berig in Beeld op 19 Nov 2009: sixteen Desember: ‘Geen ontwrigting geduld'”, rig die Pretoria Verkennersjeug graag 'n versoek aan Gert Opperman, HUB van die Voortrekkermonument, om by die waarheid te bly wanneer hy publieke verklarings maak.

With security being of the topmost importance, various kinds of security fencing South Africa is on the market with Jumalu Know-how Options for each dwelling and business needs. Not solely this, the corporate has a large collection of quality Gauteng safety fencing that has supplied security to hundreds of homes. The corporate makes positive to not compromise with the standard of safety fencing in terms of making certain safety at your own home. The Johannesburg safety fencing is designed in such a fashion that it's sturdy and strong.

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Fencing mountains in Kenya: one of the most remarkable conservation projects, a 400km electrified fence encompassing an entire mountain range in Kenya

Julius Kipng'etich, director of the Kenya Wildlife Service,

was ebullient as he surveyed the 400km electrified fence which could not

only save some of Kenya's fabled wildlife species from extinction

but also preserve an essential component of the country's ecology.

"We now have the model to respond to the challenge and forestall

potential catastrophe."


This extraordinary project was undertaken by the Rhino Ark

Charitable Trust which, for 21 painstaking years, has constructed the

Aberdares fence which now encompasses some 2,000 square kilometres of

indigenous forest and vital water

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APQ Services

Six individuals are in a essential situation and one died at the hospital this morning when two autos collided on the M1 freeway north simply before the Houghton drive exit. We use chrome steel grade 304 or A2 bolts nuts and washers as commonplace because the galvanized bolts and nuts in the marketplace is all electroplated which rust within a short time frame and the hot-dipped galvanized bolts and nuts loose their coating when mounted. Our Palisade Fencing is manufactured with Pre-Galvanized or Alloy Zinc materials with either an Aluminium colour or galvanised, which doesn't require any upkeep.

Now we have just lately exported a 1000Meter x 2.4M excessive concrete fence to Tanzania, it was erected by way of coaching some native unemployed employees. Triple ‘A' Concrete prestretched steel bolstered precast concrete walls and palisade fences are manufactured to the best high quality requirements as laid out in SANS 1372-1983, utilizing the very best quality uncooked supplies from reputable suppliers, at our processing plant in Pretoria North.

Fencing contracts during 2003 include Sun Metropolis, Denel Aviation, Western Province Colleges, Metro Rail Stations, Saldanha Steel, and East Cape Colleges. Cavcon supplies and installs (assisted by Ibhayi Fencing) a prestressed palisade fence for the radio mast located on the beach at Cape Recife. The exposed metal parts are all stainless 316 and the prestressing wires are sizzling-dipped galvanised. Once once more Cavcon provides and assists PDI contractors in erecting the palisade fence at Gqebera Cemetery.

The properties of metal as an alloy ends in most strength, durability, in addition to flexibility. Merchandise constructed of metal are highly immune to warmth, stress, or huge impacts. Our stainless-steel gates are designed to be exceptionally proof against corrosion while offering an aesthetically interesting end. We offer essentially the most economical prices in the space, while sustaining top quality standards in our practices and materials.

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All Done By the Fence

We have kept a dog for almost eight years, and he has become a family member to us. This little puppy concerns on everything in our house. He would give a bark to tell us that the sofa has been moved, or to remind us to put a traveling bag back to the original place. Undoubtedly, things we cannot bear would also annoy him.

Despite of those in common, we do have different opinions on one thing, which pleases us very much but bothers him a lot. That is a fence, which keeps him in a restrict place.

Although we have taken the little puppy as a part of our family, he is forbidden to get into our bedrooms. Therefore, we decided to set a moveable fence to stop him. Compared wire mesh fence with wooden palisade fence, we found that welded wire mesh feels much colder and heavier than wood, so in welded wire mesh, wire mesh fence, palisade fencing, we chose the palisade fence. The fence is not high. It perfectly stops the puppy and makes no trouble for people passing by. Whenever we don't want to be bothered by him, we will turn to the fence for help.

Late at night, we have to say good night to our naughty puppy. He would go back to his enclosure unless we give him a ham sausage. If we forget to do that, he would bark near the fence and not stop shouting until he gets his sausages.

A fence is like an obstacle set by policemen. To a large extent, it depends on one's self-discipline. In recent days, our puppy frequently breaks the fence out. He was closed on the balcony, but unexpectedly appeared at our living room. After examination, we caught sight of a crack, which exactly allows the puppy curl through.

We forgave his lack of self-discipline for several times, however, he didn't feel contented. After those trials, he has taken it for granted that we agreed with him. Gradually, he frequently went out from his fence. One morning, I nearly trample on the crouching sleeping puppy by the door of my bedroom. Apparently, the fence should be fixed more firmly, so that the puppy cannot easily get out by his claws.

After lunch, I started to mend the fence.

Quickly, the puppy figured out that and flew into a rage temper. He ran after me and kept roaring at the fence. Obviously, our smart puppy had seen me trough and began to make a protest against the "bad" idea.

Protest is protest, but democracy should be closely linked with centralism. Protest means nothing to me when I don't want to give you the democracy right. Smilingly, I got some tools and put a block on the door of the fence.

It just took ten more minutes to finish the work, and just the ten more minutes drove the puppy almost crazy. He angrily went around me, shouted at me and carried off my tools. Luckily, I had kept only one puppy, or there would be a horrible group accident.

Protest objected. The fence had been fixed again. The puppy cannot push it away by his claws any more. When I rose my feet, I almost fell to the ground which was very slippery. My little naughty puppy just relieved himself on the place where I squatted.

1 month ago

APQ Providers

Six persons are in a crucial situation and one died on the hospital this morning when two autos collided on the M1 freeway north just earlier than the Houghton drive exit. We use stainless steel grade 304 or A2 bolts nuts and washers as standard as a result of the galvanized bolts and nuts in the marketplace is all electroplated which rust inside a brief time period and the recent-dipped galvanized bolts and nuts unfastened their coating when fixed. Our Palisade Fencing is manufactured with Pre-Galvanized or Alloy Zinc materials palisade fencing Johannesburg with both an Aluminium color or galvanised, which does not require any upkeep.

That's the legislation in South Africa: somebody has to get harm earlier than anyone will do something.” One other parent was trampled in the rush and died while her son was inside the college waiting to be processed. Among these are Emdeni, Phiri, Mapetla and Tladi soccer fields, where palisade fencing and irrigation pipes might be installed. Gallagher Electrical Fencing is an industry chief in electric animal control fences.

Worse nonetheless, the strip metal is unpainted, unimaginative and unbelievably bland. Generally, you will find a inexperienced palisade fence, but the dirty unpainted look appears to be extra modern…and cheaper. Yeah, that is right - there's barely a palisade fence to be found from New York to Los Angeles. On high of that, a palisade fence shows that you have one thing to cover, typically inviting anti-social behaviour and break-ins. This type of intimidation has turn out to be commonplace in South Africa, a rustic well known for its high levels of crime. There, the fences are available in even more styles and sizes - the identical profiled metal can be installed alongside more modest and picturesque wooden varieties.

The unknown cyclist was touring on Outdated Pretoria Predominant street in the course of Sandton when a white Hi-Ace Taxi collided from behind with the cyclist. The Johannesburg Fire Division utilised heavy rescue tools to free the physique from the wreck and stabilize the truck for security. The primary accident occurred on the N1 north earlier than the New Road flip off at roughly 19h65.

1 month ago

Alfa Concrete Walls Precast Concrete Walls Concrete Palisade Fencing Manufa

Reminiscеnces Photographic palisade fencing Johannesburg is a photos studio locateɗ at Gold Reef Metropolis in Johannеsburg, South Africa, and specialises in wedding images and marriage ceremony pictures. Whereas historically, the Occupational Health and Safety Act managed the technical aspects of the installation of electrical fences, there was no provision within the Metropolis's Scheme Rules to control the set up of safety gadgets. Their Boundary Partitions and Fences Coverage makes an attempt to manage the looks of boundary walls and fences and the set up of safety gadgets on top of walls and fences. The three are identified escape artists, and based on warders at Pretoria Central Prison, are the go-to” individuals when different inmates are planning escapes or seeking weapons, cash, garments, cellphones, getaway cars or info on which guards to bribe.

That is the law in South Africa: somebody has to get damage earlier than anybody will do anything.” Another guardian was trampled in the rush and died while her son was contained in the university ready to be processed. Amongst these are Emdeni, Phiri, Mapetla and Tladi soccer fields, the place palisade fencing and irrigation pipes shall be put in. Gallagher Electric Fencing is an business leader in electric animal control fences.

Different electrical palisade fences have the flexibility to carry alarm circuits of their lower sections and an energetic circuit in the higher sections (above 1.8 m), however none have the flexibility of the Alcatraz know-how to activate the lively current within the lower section beneath assault circumstances and likewise trigger a wide range of alarms at the identical time. We in South Africa, in fact, are experts at separation, from the first white settlers at the Cape in 1652 proper as much as the present day. The separation attributable to apartheid led to many in South Africa musing about partitions and fences - and utilizing the metaphor in numerous methods.

Perhaps you'll learn my hub on the South African refugee - I might be interested to listen to what you think about it. NJR Metal - Wantsteel (Pty) Ltd manufactures and distributes palisade fencing products to all NJR Steel branches, in addition to to premium fencing contractors, DIY retailers, and the like. I am sorry that I've uncared for the weblog but we're now not living in the property and our house is up for sale. Our rented dwelling in Paulshof, north of Johannesburg, has develop into a crime sizzling-spot.